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Ceramic | Terracotta | Fired Clay 


Object Type

Containers and Vessels


Ceramic | Terracotta | Fired Clay

Country of Origin

El Salvador


Secretaría de Cultura de la Presidencia


Import restricted since 1995.

Section 5a of Designated List in force since 1995.

Ladle Censers
This category groups together a variety of different spoon or ladle shaped incense burners. These have a handle (which may be a hollow tube or a flattened loop) which supports the ‘‘spoon’’ or ‘‘ladle’’ that actually held the embers over which incense was sprinkled. The ladle portion may have holes perforated to facilitate the circulation of air, and in the taller, more cup-like versions these holes may take the form of crosses or step frets (these are the so-called ‘‘Mixteca-Puebla’’ style censers). Animal heads, claws, or other effigies may be added to end of the handle.

Example shown: Maya ladle incense burner, Postclassic period.

For import restrictions in force from 1987, see History of Import Restrictions below.

> CPIA Import Restriction Designated List

> History of Import Restrictions

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