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Ceramic | Terracotta | Fired Clay 


Object Type

Containers and Vessels


Ceramic | Terracotta | Fired Clay

Country of Origin

El Salvador


Secretaría de Cultura de la Presidencia


Import restricted since 1995.

Section 3c of Designated List in force since 1995.

Plumbate Vessels
Unpainted vessels with a glazed appearance. Surface color ranges from dark brown-black to lead-colored to salmon-orange, and sometimes all are found on a single vessel. Some areas may be iridescent. This is an extremely hard ceramic and ‘‘rings’’ when tapped. Vessel forms include a variety of forms of jars, bowls, cylindrical vases, and may even include figurines. Effigy decoration is common.
Dating: Terminal Classic (San Juan variety) and Early Postclassic (Tohil variety).
Formal Names: Both San Juan and Tohil varieties are found in El Salvador (Sharer 1978). It is interesting to note that approximately one third of all Tohil vessels recorded in the only pan- Mesoamerican inventory to date were from El Salvador (Shepard 1948).

Example shown: Maya plumbate effigy head vessel, Early Postclassic period.

For import restrictions in force from 1987, see History of Import Restrictions below.

> CPIA Import Restriction Designated List

> History of Import Restrictions

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